Diocesan Clergy

"I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will feed you with knowledge and understanding" Jer 3:15

Bishop Leo and Holly Michael

Bp. Leo and Holly Michael

Bishop James and Madelyn McNeley

Bp. James and Madelyn McNeley

Bishop Kenneth and Priscilla Kinner

Bp. Kenneth and Priscilla Kinner

Fr. Jimmie and Rheva Dean

Fr. Jimmie and Rheva Dean

Fr. William and Marilyn Beaver

Fr. William(Archdeacon) and Marilyn Beaver

Fr. Patric Copalello

Fr. Patric Copalello

Dn.Tony and Kathy Sawick

Dn. Tony and Kathy Sawick


Dn. Frank and Susan Adams


Dn.Alfred and Michelle Sturges


Fr. Don and Mary Ellen Holley


Fr. Jason and Erica Rice


Fr.Barry and Debbie Sanders